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Family Bundle

Family Bundle

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Like they say, the more the merrier.

With 5 packets of AWESOME MONSTER SIZE Chicken Skin Snacks, you can ENJOY 5 times more with your group.

We promise you that all of our Chicken Skin Snacks are crafted with ZERO preservatives and only comes from PREMIUM grade ingredients.
Most importantly, our Chicken Skin Snack are 100% SHIOK.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! Invite your friends and family to join you NOW and enjoy our Family Bundle*.

VISIT our website and grab your snacks NOW!!

* Each Bundle consist of 2 Original Monster Size Packets, 1 Cereal Monster Size Packet, 1 Tom Yum Monster Size Packet and 1 Mala Monster Size Packet.

*contains gluten, dairy, and egg products