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The Era of Chicken Skin Snacks Is Here — Are They Any Good?

Merely uttering the phrase “chicken skin” may cause a mini heart attack. But you have to give credit to Cemani — who have made chicken skin a snack the same way salted egg potato chips are — for seizing an opportunity when they saw it. Yes, chicken skin snack is real, and you won’t have to search for it at a hawker centre. So, when the folks at Cemani sent a gift box to The Halal Eater HQ, we knew there was only one thing to do: Load up The Witcher on Netflix, pass around the bags of chicken skin, and give it a taste test. Then we managed to calm our heart palpitations for long enough to type up our impressions. Here’s what you need to know:

The snacks come in 5 flavours, the latest being the Cereal Chicken Skin.
If you are a fan of cereal prawn or crab, the cereal chicken skin snack features a similar buttery fragrance, a hint of spiciness, and that all-important crunch factor. The rest of the flavours also hit the mark in terms of familiarity, however the Original–the plain one of the pack–paled in comparison to the rest. This was probably due to us eating every flavour in succession, and each new flavour tasted better than the last. But, we imagine where the Original might shine is when it’s added as a garnish or side dish to a rice-based meal like Nasi Goreng.


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