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Introducing Cemani’s Cereal Chicken Skin

Can’t get enough of Cemani’s chicken skin snacks? Get your tastebuds ready for excitement with Cemani’s newest flavour — the Cereal Chicken Skin! Inspired by the beloved and famed Singaporean dishes cereal prawn or crab, the cereal chicken skin snack boasts the same buttery fragrance with a hint of spiciness; just the perfect taste for the local tongue!

The cereal chicken flavour joins a line-up of previously introduced offerings. All the five versions have received Halal certifications. 

If you feel like challenging the spicy-lover in you, ignite your senses with the fiery, tongue-numbing spice of the Mala chicken skin. Not forgetting the local and international all-time favourite Salted Egg version that is good on its own or perfect as a garnish for dishes. For a tingling perk-me-up during the day, the sour-spicy Tom Yum chicken skin does just the trick. Alternatively, just kick it back with some cold beverage and your good ol’ original Chicken skin flavor. You can’t beat the original!

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Original Author: Andie from Craziben