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I’m impressed how they are able to transform popular local food dishes into tasty snacks. The chicken skin snacks are crunchy, high in collagen and protein!

William Tan 陈家辉 (@william82sg)

My personal fave is the Original. Pure, unadulterated chicken skin goodness in hyper crunch mode!

Veronica Phua (@veronicaphua)

The overwhelming opinion among our staff was that Cemani Chicken Skin was resoundingly, and shockingly, good!  They are very addictive, especially the Mala and Tom Yum flavours.

The Halal Eater (@thehalaleater)

The chicken skins are very crispy & doesn't taste oily. Personally, I prefer the original flavour which tasted more chicken-y 🐔.

Calvin Lee (@foodmakescalhappy)

We got to try the whole line of chicken skins and were in food heaven 😱💭 You guys gotta agree that one of the best parts of chicken has gotta be chicken skin!

Titan Digital Media (@titandigitalmedia)


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Crafted by Singaporeans, at our own farms, own Halal kitchens and our own Singaporean recipes

What We Do

We bring only the best parts of a fried chicken in a packet, just for you. Our chicken skin snacks are Halal certified and are high in collagen and protein, also boasting addictive crunchiness with every bite.

What is "Cemani"?

The “Cemani” name originates from a majestic species of chicken, Ayam Cemani. We use the skin only from top quality breeds of chickens in the world.